I mean no disrespect to those who have addictions to substances, including tobacco.  I realize that addictions can be challenging.  They can alter ones personal relationships, create discord in the home, injure oneself physically, place undo financial burdens on those caught in addictive snares, and consume ones thoughts and priorities. It is because of this definition that I feel that whether or not one takes offense at the title of my new blog, it is appropriate, and serves as a fitting description of my addiction- Mountain Biking.

I hope to document and post exciting, or novel MTB sites and experiences on the trail and at the park.  LET THE CHAIN SMOKE!!!

IMG_1167 IMG_1274  IMG_3304 IMG_4252 IMG_4744 IMG_5054

IMG_0036 alt=   IMG_0089 2014-04-23 16.49.40-1



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