Wonderful Southern Utah

IMG_9416Southern Utah is known throughout the world for its general appeal to the mountain bike crowd.  Whether you are in the mood for slick rock (sandstone) riding, alpine, or desert single track, southern Utah has you covered in Spades.  As a fan of the red desert southern Utah is our usual out of town riding destination.  We alternate our time between Moab and St. George, though we seem to frequent the St. George area more readily.

Both destinations are great for a wide variety of technical ability and experience.  My riding children range between 5-11.  They love both destinations and have found fulfillment at each location.  Moab and St. George are also flanked by national parks, which adds great bang for the buck when considering a family get away.

St. George sits on Interstate 15 and is generally more accessible than Moab.  As a result, it has more creature comforts to the individual or group who wants resorts, restaurants, and big box shopping, but still wants good riding.  Moab on the other hand is a quaint, artsy resort town which seems to abhor the idea of a big box shop.

Both cities provide great alternatives to riding as well.  Off roading, hiking, water sports activities, rock hounding, Indian petroglyphs and pictograms, dinosaur bones and tracks, shopping, and Museums are but a few of the alternative activities that can be found in both locations.

I will soon highlight prominent and personal favorite trails or rides in the Moab and St. George areas.  Stay tuned and keep the chain smokin.


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